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Our experienced professionals possess the knowledge, skills and abilities to understand that we are providing services to Veterans with a wide range of backgrounds and bio-psychosocial challenges and vulnerabilities including but not limited to severe mental illness, chronic and current substance abuse, and serious medical problems. We are committed to ensuring an exceptional clinical oversight relationship between our experienced team and the VA liaison’s in order to successfully and effectively meet the complex individual needs of each Veteran in conjunction with VA regulations, requirements, and guidelines.

We provide an evidence based supportive program that maximizes the importance of person-centered care. A key part of our methodology for achieving and providing exceptional service to our Veterans is the utilization of the Critical Time Intervention model to prevent recurrent homelessness and other adverse outcomes for our Veterans during the period following placement into residential housing. By strengthening the individual’s long-term ties to services and by providing emotional and practical support during the critical time of transition the incidence of success increases. Furthermore, our strategy also includes having a team that is diverse in its origin, color, religion, socioeconomic stratum, sexual orientation, and military service.

Our key personnel are experienced in managing contracts with County, State and Federal funders. These key staff members have created successful programs largely due to their ability to communicate and work collaboratively with other providers affecting recipients lives. We empower our case managers to be flexible and creative as well as comfortable working in the community with our Veterans throughout the intensive, stabilization and maintenance phases to ensure successful clinical, housing and recovery goals, thereby reducing recidivism back to homelessness. 

Healthcare for Homeless Veterans: Projects
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