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Need assistance developing your cannabis business security, risk mitigation and accident prevention plans?

Our experienced team can help, we hold certifications in Building Design for Homeland Security, Surveillance Detection, OSHA Site Safety and have over 20 years of experience at the state and federal level developing :

- Target Hardening Plans
- Static Camera Surveillance design 
- Physical Security Plans
- Accident Prevention Plans (APP) 
- Cyber security : Design & Development 
- Red Teaming : Vulnerability Assessments
- Continuity of Operations Plans (COOP)
- Health and Safety Plans (HASP)
- Phase Hazard Analysis (PHA)
- Activity Hazard Analysis (AHA)
- Background Investigation
- Buildouts : Installations
- Owners Representative 
- Project Management 
- Supplier Due Diligence Investigations 
- Security Personnel : Armed & Unarmed 
- Security Consulting 

We are licensed security and investigative services providers. Our clients have included municipal, state and Federal agencies in 15 states and Puerto Rico.

Cannabis Security: Welcome


We have assisted clients in both the pharmaceutical and emerging cannabis industries. Contact us via email, phone or Instagram

(888) 648-3297 ext. 702

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Cannabis Security: Contact
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